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I'm A.M. Broadous. Welcome to My Creative Writing & Art Portfolio.

Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." I couldn't agree more. That's why I work hard to put every creative fiber I possess into everything I do. Explore my portfolio and if you’d like to discover more of my world, please get in touch.

My Words

A Collection of Essays

Life's twisting paths are the sources of these works. In each essay, you'll get a glimpse into another place and time through narratives, research, hybrid writings, experimentations, and thoughtful anecdotes.

I hope you'll find something meaningful in each of these pieces.


Like Father


Planted: Little-Known Facts About Cacti

White Tiger.jpg


A Collection of Poetry

My poetry also draws from life and all its wonders and trials. But more than that, it goes beyond one perspective and lets me walk in another person's sandals, cry with another person's tears, and laugh with another person's laughter. Perhaps these works will allow you to do the same.


We Were the Heroes.jpg

Mind Wandering

Mind Wandering

A Collection of Tales

I've been telling stories since the age of five. Thankfully, I haven't lost that creative spirit, that burning desire to imagine and unfold a tale just begging to be let loose.


I hope you'll read these works of fantasy and adventure in light of character, setting, and both the good and bad in human nature.

Howls in the Distance

Valiance Anthology Promo 2.png

A Collection of Books

Here, you'll find my novels, children's books, and anthologies with featured short stories. Click on an image to learn more about each book or to purchase your very own copy.

My Art

A Collection of Paintings and Illustrations

These paintings and illustrations are inspired by other art forms such as blues, graffiti, and aerial silks. They are also brought about by the Wild West, iconic figures in history, and, of course, a strong sensitivity to the world. Feel free to peruse these works. May they inspire you as well.

Writing Center Painting 3 - Langston Hug

Dreaming in Harlem

"Dreaming in Harlem"

Acrylic on canvas
Sold to Southern Utah University
December 2018

Graphite & Black Lead Illustration.jpg

Aerial Silk, No. 1

"Drift Away"

Graphite and black lead on paper
February 2015

Featured in The Kolob Canyon Review, April 2018




Acrylic and spray paint on canvas
July 2017

A Collection of Concept Artwork

These pieces of concept artwork are derived from my very own speculative fiction. Explore these works for an even deeper look into my world.

Howling Blades.jpg

Howling Blades

Charcoal illustration
October 2020

The Bent Arrow

Digital image
May 2021

The Bent Arrow.jpg
Tsuchigumo 4.jpg

Grandmaster Tsuchigumo

March 2019

Coming Soon!

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